In a third year course, my group and I were challenged to develop a digitized product in a niche market. After our research on related news stories, and related academic articles our group brainstormed a guiding research question to help the development of our digitalized product. We developed the research question, How might we enrich parent-baby relationships, through improved baby sleeping habits and parents’ mental well-being with the use of digitization and automation within the baby crib market?

This led us to Cradle, a smart baby crib focused on automation through a technological ecosystem. Below are some captures from our application and marketing campaign, as well as our physical product concept.
FNTSY is a passion project based off the idea of a fantasy sports and social media hybrid application. Below are screens from the application, as well as images from its mock marketing campaign.
"Akoma" comes from the Asante of present day Ghana, and it symbolizes endurance and understanding. Its literal meaning is "the heart" and represents love, unity, endurance, patience, tolerance, goodwill, and faithfulness. It also symbolizes tolerance in the face of frustration and stresses the need for patience.

My team and I created Akoma, a mobile website to help Ghanaians achieve their health goals in Accra, Ghana. Our number one goal is to help users maintain a healthy, strong heart, as cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a prevalent issue in Ghana.
For my "Intro to User Experience" course, I had the chance to work within a group to develop and design a mobile app. My team and I created Synergy, a platform designed to improve the interaction and collaboration of groups and teams. Before creating Synergy, the focus question "How might we create a platform that encourages collaboration and equal work distribution while being user friendly and accessible?" was created. We were able to draw conclusions from user surveying and scenario mapping, and then went through with wire framing and prototyping.

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